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Here's why baby formula is hard to find in Iowa right now

The Academy of Pediatrics has a couple of tips: buy in only 10-day or two-week supplies and know what the individual stores limit.

At Brick Street Market in Bondurant, shelves are fully stocked with baby formula. But that's not the case everywhere.

Chris Larson is a father to a young child and has struggled finding formula for his son.

"It's a nightmare. I don't understand how anybody is getting formula right now," he said.

Larson has jumped from store to store desperately looking for formula.

"They're just completely out of even the off-brand stuff, it's just almost impossible to find. And you check the other stores in town, and then you just get tired of driving around. so you start calling places, and then you call out of town, and then you call friends and family."

Joe Desaulniers is the Second Assistant General Manager at Brick Street Market. He shared the formula issue has been something his store has been working through, as well

"On both brands, the formula we carry we're able to keep in stock, all the basic standard regular varieties that they have. But some of the more specialized varieties, lactose-free, the gentle type formulas, those we're still having trouble getting a hold of right now," he said.

Desaulniers believes part of the wait is caused by a recent recall on a popular brand.

"There was a recall that came on Similac formula a couple of months ago, we did have to pull some from our shelves, both the original and the lactose-free," Desaulniers said.

Larson had to receive formula for his son from a family member out of state. Although he is stocked for a while, he is concerned about what to do next, as this issue has put a strain on his family mentally and physically 

"When you can't give your child one of their basic needs, it really does something to you, as a parent, it's hard. It's hard to deal," Larson said.

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