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Craving ice cream for breakfast? Black Cat Ice Cream has you covered

Why wait for dessert when you can start your day with the delicious treat?


If you dive into the sweet mind of Alex Carter, creator and founder of Black Cat Ice Cream, you'll find that the sweet treat isn't just limited to a dessert.

Get yourself some Pop-Tarts and cereal to get started. And yes, beware, sugar is going to be one of the main ingredients.

"I'm a french toast guy myself," Carter said. 

He has dreamed of a french toast ice cream recipe, or something else ... like Nutella with Nutty Bars.

Recipe No. 1: An ice cream base is milk, cream, sugar before adding a whole bunch of Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles. Let the cereal soak and introduce an immersion blender before heading to the ice cream-making machine.

10 minutes later, and you've got cereal ice cream.

Then, add in chunks of Pop-Tarts. Seems logical enough.

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The craziest recipe Carter has ever concoted? Cherry Bomb: Sweet cherry ice cream base with smoked paprika, ghost chilly powder and cherry Pop Rocks.

Black Cat Ice Cream comes out with new flavors every week and is located at 2511 Cottage Grove Ave in Des Moines.

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