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Comparing 2021 Thanksgiving grocery prices to last year

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics says shoppers can expect a slight increase in price, some items increased more than others.

DES MOINES, Iowa — If you are in charge of the Thanksgiving groceries, you may not be thankful for the price you see on the receipt. 

"Consumers are spending about 5.4% for the same basket of goods and services this year than they were last year," said Bureau of Labor Statistics economist Katherine Males.

The most recent BLS data shows on average, shoppers are seeing a roughly 5.4% increase for the same grocery cart of items they purchased the same time last year. 

But what does this mean for some of the major Thanksgiving staples?

"Their uncooked poultry which includes turkey was up 1.7 percent," said Males. "Potatoes were also up 1.7 percent. Our frozen treats our frozen or refrigerated bakery products, pies, and tarts and turnovers was up 4.1 percent."

Here's how some other staples stack up, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' most recent data: canned vegetables are up 6.6%, canned fruit is up 2.9%, bread is up 2.3%, ham is up 7.1%, sauces and gravies are up 1.8%.

So while your receipt might look slightly higher, will you be able to find all the items you need?

"Honestly, there's not been any shortages of those of those items for people," said Fareway Grocery Manager Kurt Crist. "Fareway has a great buying department and make sure that we buy enough in advance knowing the holidays coming to make sure that when the customer comes and gets their holiday items we have what they need."

Crist is the grocery manager for the location on Fleur Drive in Des Moines, and says shoppers should feel confident stores will have all the supplies they need throughout the holidays.

"We're very fortunate to be located here in the Midwest," he said. "I mean the meat and produce and a lot of the items that are needed are right in our backyard. If we run out of something, it's easier to obtain those items to make sure we have what the customer needs."

For the customers who still have not picked up their turkey, Crist says there is no need to rush. 

"We have plenty of turkeys. So if you need a turkey you still could come and pick up one [Monday], [Tuesday], Wednesday. It doesn't matter we'll have it."

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