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Happy Moments vol. 90: a farewell to summer

Iowans spent their Labor Day weekend soaking up the last bit of summertime fun

DES MOINES, Iowa — It seems as though Labor Day came and went and took summer with it. We know it'll warm up again, but until then, we can enjoy a few summer Happy Moments.

Mary Ann Zika spent a summer tending to her garden and it's paid off, especially the milkweed. Monarch butterflies are drawn to milkweed and she's had several visitors to her garden lately. And a closer look netted a nice discovery...a caterpillar waiting for it's turn with wings.

Credit: Mary Ann Zika

The sun seemingly set on summer this week. And though we know it didn't really, we do know hot days will now give way to cooler temperatures. It's as though the sun shining through the pines here is saying so long... see you next summer. At least we can still see gorgeous sunsets year round.

Credit: Betty Archibald

And when the sun goes down, that's when you can really shine...or glow. A few glow sticks and a bunch of siblings can make for an amazing party. Even better if you have an audience! It was a summer like no other.... highs, lows, ups, downs, tough times...but always Happy Moments!

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