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Happy moments Vol. 66: Underground surprise + suspended in time

Iowans share their Happy Moments including a carrot with a twist, and two garden friends that defy gravity.

DES MOINES, Iowa — It seems like the world could use a whole lot of love these days. And it looks like these carrots are trying to tell us something. 

Elsa was out working in her garden, picking some carrots, when she unearthed this surprise. You never know what you are going to find in the garden.

Credit: Kathy Munkvold

Plenty of critters show up in the garden as well. In fact, Sally sent us a photo of guest that'll make you do a double take. It's a hummingbird moth. 

You have to look closely, because they do look and act just like just like a hummingbird. But they are in fact a moth, and just as fun to watch.

Credit: Sally Kennedy

And speaking of hummingbirds, check out "the flying pickle". 

That's what this beauty has been named by Ginger and Brigid. One of the ways they are staying busy this summer is by bird watching and photography, and Pickle has been a frequent flier. 

Awesome to see such a busy soul frozen in time.

Credit: Ginger and Brigid

Thanks for sharing and have yourself a Happy Moment!

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