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Happy Moments Vol. 72: the joys of summer

Even during the pandemic, Iowans are enjoying some of their favorite summer traditions.

DES MOINES, Iowa — It's the dog days of summer and Hondo doesn't need to be asked twice to hit the pool. Smart dog, safety first. 

He's got his donut flotation device to make sure he can splash in style. Stay cool, Hondo!

Credit: Johnson Family

No parent knows a more peaceful "Happy Moment" than a parent with kids who sit down and read all on their own. Gabriel and Kaleb are heading into 5th and 3rd grade and they are keeping their skills sharp.

Nothing better than curling up with a good book.

Credit: Gabriel and Kaleb

And what's summer in Iowa without storms? 

Thankfully, the beautiful skies haven't been postponed due to the pandemic. The displays from mother nature have been impressive including the storms rolling into Moingona, just west of Boone, courtesy of Perry Blackman.

Awe-inspiring and a summertime Happy Moment.

Credit: Perry Blackman

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