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Happy Moments Vol. 61: Dogs, cats + a retirement.

Pets are keeping Iowan's spirits up during the pandemic.

DES MOINES, Iowa — If you've been spending lots of time at home, you've probably also been chatting with your pets more. This photo came with a message that said "Visiting with little Allie. Now I've learned to understand what she's telling me." Her mom says she's probably asking to do a trick in return for Cheerios as a treat!

Credit: Barb Gardner

Sweet Riley here is spending lots of time with her pint sized pup, Sophie. These two are best of friends and making the most of a summer at home, sharing a smile for the camera!

Credit: Julie Van Every

Sadie sent us this photo of her dog dressed up as a lion. She hash-tagged it Tiger King. What a good dog for playing along and giving his people a good laugh.

Credit: Sadie Winters

Kim has a cat that is doing what cats do...finding a cozy place to hide. If you have cats and boxes, chances are the two will eventually meet!

Credit: Kim Turner-Suggs

And finally, we want to wish Drake University mascot Griff a happy retirement. He is officially handing over his duties to George...or Griff II. You will be well missed, buddy, but we hope these golden years bring nothing but relaxation. Thanks for all the Happy Moments you have made for so many fans!

Credit: Griff

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