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Happy Moments Vol. 61: Pandemic mass + spectacular sunsets

Iowans share how they are enjoying life while staying home during the pandemic.

DES MOINES, Iowa — We've all have to be a little flexible during the pandemic...what with social distancing and all.

Well, young Fred here took his living room Mass to a new level. Fred filled his chalice with breakfast juice and raised the glass at the appropriate time to participate in a little home communion. His grandparents submitted this photo and said they were pretty proud of him. Way to make the best of things, Fred!

Credit: Fred Terwilliger

It's hard to be away from family right now, and some of us have to be more careful than others. A viewer submitted this photo of Dick Swanson of Iowa Falls. He's 80 and a lung cancer survivor, so he's taking his health seriously right now. But this wall of letters and photos reminds him he's well loved.

Credit: Dick Swanson

And finally, we must all have our eyes to the skies lately, because so many of you have sent in great pictures of sunsets. It's like a watercolor in the sky and a great way to unwind after a long day. Is this a stressful time? Yes. But there are still plenty of Happy Moments and we are so glad you share them with us.

Credit: Betty Archibald

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