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Happy Moments Vol. 55: Masks on a cat + the perfect evening

Iowans are making the best of the pandemic by having fun with their pets, celebrating summer and finding interesting projects.

DES MOINES, Iowa — It's the start of a new week in the age of coronavirus.  

A lot of us are wearing masks when we are out and about. But can we all pause for a moment and be grateful that we don't have to put them on our pets?

Viewer C.M.S. from Dallas Center sent these photos with the caption: "There's always one who won't follow."

Two out of three isn't bad, right?

Here's another viewer submission, which to us, looks like a pretty perfect weekend night. 

It says "trying to make the best of being confined". Grilling over an open flame on a beautiful summer evening? 

That's how you social distance in style!!

Credit: Local 5 Viewer

And speaking of keeping occupied while under confinement: Taking something old and making it new. 

This viewer said he hand painted this set as a gift to his wife, Louise. About 150 hours of work went into this beauty. When I asked if it was for a special occasion, he said he just loves his wife and thought she deserved something nice. 

Plus better to focus on something productive, than to worry about something you have no control over.

Credit: Russ Wagner

How's that for a dose of positive wisdom and Happy Moments!

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