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Happy Moments Vol. 76: quarantine humor + one hot squirrel

A couple fed up with quarantine "quality time" and a hot squirrel are making us laugh.

DES MOINES, Iowa — How are you doing during quarantine? Judy and David Bullis sent these photo to sum up day 139 of staying home. 

Lots and lots of "quality time" together. I think we can all relate, no matter how we're spending our days. This pandemic business can wear on the best of us.

Credit: Judy and David Bullis
Credit: Judy and David Bullis

Pam and John of West Des Moines caught a visitor over the weekend just trying to catch a break from the hot sun. I stayed close to the AC this weekend, but if you live outside, a cool stone would have to do. 

No point in trying to pretend it was anything but oppressive out there.

Credit: Pam and John

And a great start to the state tournament for the Dallas Center Grimes softball team. Here are the Fillies masked up Monday at a sendoff ceremony before heading to Fort Dodge. The Fillies won and will play again Wednesday. 

Good luck ladies, and thanks for sharing your masked up Happy Moment!

Credit: Dallas Center-Grimes softball team

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