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Happy Moments Vol. 70: Raindrops on roses + whiskers on kittens

Iowans share what makes them smile during the pandemic, including sweet kittens and a gentle rain in the garden.

DES MOINES, Iowa — How can you make kittens even cuter? Give them a sweet name. 

Meet Confetti! 

Stephanie Roth and her family are loving getting to know this sweet little one. Those eyes and all that fluff...makes you forget about any troubles in the world.

Credit: Stephanie Roth

For a laugh, look to the dogs. They're always doing something goofy to make us smile. 

Henry and Oliver have their eyes on something, but Lily wanted a better vantage point. So she perched on top of the table. 

There must have been something really interesting behind that door.

Credit: Brad Harris

And finally, if you have a garden or a brown lawn, a nice gentle rain is definitely a good thing. 

Listening to the raindrops and birds can be very soothing. It's like a little time out for your soul. 

Have a listen, enjoy and don't forget to look for those Happy Moments!

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