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Remembering Happy Moments: pets in the pandemic

Iowans spent quality time with their pets in the pandemic, and shared the joy with photos and videos.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Throughout the pandemic, we asked you to send photos and videos of things that made you smile each day. We aired those during our nightly Happy Moments segment. It will probably come as no surprise that pets were the most common submission.

They're the wagging tails and sweet faces that welcome us home every day. So when we were stuck at home, our pets were right there by our sides.

And there's science behind the comfort that pets bring. Stephanie Filer with the Animal Rescue League said "when things get really bad, there's nothing like a wagging tail or a purr of a cat or a guinea pig or horse or whatever species you choose to have to turn your spirits around."

People stuck at home turned to shelters. The ARL saw a huge spike in adoptions with people looking to add a little joy into their lives. But the shelter also saw fewer strays, which Filer said lead to another pandemic silver lining. "So we were able to help other shelters around the state and the country who were full, bring in animals because we have more people who are wanting to adopt sometimes than animals available. So we are trying to keep animals available to people who want to bring them into our homes which is a great problem for us to have."

And when these days are behind us an we go back to whatever normal may be, let us remember the joy, the comfort, the peace that our beloved family members, our pets, so graciously gave, and do our best to return the favor.