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Happy Moments vol. 100: stunning moon + harvest reminder

Iowans share the things that make their day brighter, including adorable pets, the beautiful moon and a reminder during harvest season.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Austin is one of our faithful weather viewers and he often shares the conditions around him. This time, he's sharing a smile in the form of his beloved dog Roscoe. They are from Chariton and it looks like Austin and Roscoe get a lot of work done together. Thanks Austin!

Credit: Austin Hamilton

Did you know Saturday was International Observe the Moon night? Well, Scott Dearinger did and luckily enough for all of us, he not only observed, but recorded. Look at the detail in this amazing photo. Scott has an observatory in his Des Moines backyard and often shares his findings. And for that we are so grateful.

Credit: Scott Dearinger

And this is just a lovely photo of a perfect fall day in Iowa. But it comes with an important message. It's harvest season in our great state, so be prepared to come up on scenes like this for yourself. This viewer reminds us that the average road speed for machinery is 16mph, so slow down, enjoy the scenery and have a Happy Moment!

Credit: Local 5 viewer