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Happy Moments vol. 101: skies afire + pandemic projects

Waking up early has it's benefits, plus using the pandemic to perfect some creative skills.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Here's the reward for waking up early. Look at this September sunrise! The sky is afire over Iowa in the early morning hours, and it makes you want to set the alarm extra early, just to catch a sight like this.

Credit: Local 5 viewer

We often ask how you're passing time if you are trying to stay home during the pandemic. Bob and his daughter Michelle made this. Michelle was visiting for 6 months from Boston, so father and daughter crafted this media cabinet. Bob is a skilled woodworker and Michelle is becoming one herself, and enjoys learning from her dad. 

Credit: Bob and Michelle

And here's another creative way to break up any pandemic boredom. Kathy is fine-tuning her wreath making skills...and it looks like it's paying off! She likes to work with silk flowers in wreaths and pots, and gives the final product away as gifts. Looks like a lucky friend will have a lovely reminder to stop and share a Happy Moment.

Credit: Kathy Rummelhart