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Parents share how Variety — The Children's Charity of Iowa helped save their daughter

Variety — The Children's Charity of Iowa helps change thousands of kids lives every year. Two parents share how the nonprofit helped their daughter.

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The nonprofit raises money to help kids across the state who are at risk, ill or have special needs. 

Jamie and Brandon Horbach said the organization helped their daughter, Layne. During childbirth, she inhaled amniotic fluid and meconium. 

"She was transported to Blank Children's Hospital," Jamie said. "She was on a ventilator for a number of days, she had a feeding tube and a million other tubes ."

Layne was in the hospital for a week, which her father said felt like longer. But he was glad the doctors took good care of her.

"When you go into the process you don't expect to have any challenges, any issues with childbirth and to have what we call the angels from Blank Children's Hospital to give us peace of mind, it was certainly important," Brandon said.

The services Layne received at the hospital were made possible by a grant from Variety — The Children's Charity of Iowa.

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Sheri McMichael, the nonprofit's executive director, said they have had a partnership with Blank Children's Hospital for over 50 years.

And it's one of the places they use to help change lives every day.

"To know that Variety's dollars and not just Variety's dollars, our donor's dollars, are making a huge impact with not only those organizations but more importantly the children they're providing services to … it warms my heart," McMichael said.

Jamie and Brandon both said Layne, who turned one in January, is a perfect little girl and developing like any other child would.

"We are incredibly thankful for Variety and all that they do for Iowans.," Jamie said. "I mean its impact is so great in our community."

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