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Happy Moments Vol. 41: Hope in bloom + the joy of dogs

Spring colors brighten our moods and dogs remind us to smile in tonight's Happy Moments.

DES MOINES, Iowa — New life and bursts of color ... it may be the best part of spring and certainly helps brighten our days! 

Janet sent us this gorgeous photos of poppies outside the Corydon Museum.

Thanks for sharing the beauty that is blooming around you!

Credit: Janet Abrahamson

Every night I ask you to share what makes you smile, and lots of times the response is your pets! 

Here's Tina the 2-year-old rescue dog. She brings lots of smiles to her family. You're a good girl Tina, for keeping your people in good spirits!

Credit: Viewer

The Ankeny Veterinary clinic is going to the dogs, for sure! 

Only the pets can have big birthday parties right now, so that's what they did. They threw a bash for the staff's dogs as a way to relieve stress and boost morale. 

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Again, our pets are working miracles simply by being their adorable selves.

Credit: Ankeny Veterinary Clinic

Keep smiling, wagging those tails and sharing your Happy Moments!


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