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How to become a pro at working from home

Trying to bring work home can be a much bigger challenge than one would assume.

Working from home may sound like the perfect setup until it actually comes to the time of getting work done.

Balancing work life and home life can prove difficult when they're both located in the same spot.

But remember: it's all about attitude.

"Any time we feel like we have a lack of control, that’s going to present a challenge for us," said Jason Kiesau. "Some people need predictability more than others and others are better with less formalities and less structure so this is different for different people. I think the key is replicating what you're comfortable with as much as possible.”

Kiesau has been working from home for several years. And he says the first tip is to set yourself up for success with a good spot to create a home office.

And if you're a parent? Lay down the ground rules with activities to keep the kids busy and remember to be flexible. 

Some other tips Kiesau has to dealing with stress:

  • Understand your triggers and when you're feeling "off"
  • Do your best to manage the triggers in order to minimize their impact and consequences
  • Empathize with others: If you're feeling stressed, others are probbaly stressed as well

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