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Advice for finding love during a pandemic

Midwest Matchmaking wants to help you find Mr. or Mrs. 'Right'

If you are trying to find love during a pandemic, it can be difficult considering the lack of one on one connection we have right now. So we checked in with an expert from Midwest Matchmaking on some advice about finding love during a pandemic.

"Don't get anxious, don't let your fear of what is going on in the world allow you to just choose somebody because you are seeking companionship. Make sure it is the right person for you," recommends Midwest Matchmaking owner Courtney Quinlan.

Her matchmaking company has been very busy, because people are seeking companionship now more than ever. 

Courtney goes on to say, "my one piece of advice for people looking for love right now is to remember that this time will end eventually and not put an emphasis on settling because you are really want to find that person." 

If you would like to get in Courtney’s database you can find the company- Midwest Matchmaking on Facebook or go to MidwestMatchmaking.com. 

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