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What does it take to get a haircut at home?

You're stuck at home. But you need a haircut. Have no fear, Local 5's Elias Johnson is here.

As the "new normal" settles in and we all adjust to life with social distancing and isolation, there are many basic necessities we no longer have access to.

Many of these, such as simply getting a haircut, are things we perhaps took for granted.

Over the weekend, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds mandated that hair salons, barber shops, beauty parlors, tattoo shops, and more had to cease operations amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic. 

But just because you're at home doesn't mean your hair has stopped growing! Before you know it, it'll be time for another trim. 

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Local 5's Elias Johnson took matters into his own hands to show you that cutting your own hair, or cutting your kids' hair can be fairly simple! 

You'll just need a basic set of tools, such as a clippers, trimmer, and scissors. 

Be sure to start with the lowest setting on the clippers in the beginning. As you work your way up, be sure to maintain equal length with each stroke.

Also at the top, be sure to rotate the clippers so that a small fade begins.

And like Elias says, if you're not thrilled with it- don't worry! It'll grow back in just a matter of days! 

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