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Small businesses urge customers to shop earlier this holiday season

America's Small Business Development Center of Iowa is urging consumers to buy holiday gifts sooner to avoid problems from supply chain issues.

DES MOINES, Iowa — America's Small Business Development Center of Iowa is encouraging people to "Shop Sooner" ahead of the holidays this year.

The initiative was created not only to combat problems consumers face every year when they wait until the last minute to buy gifts, but also in light of the ongoing supply chain issues.

Ej Frye, the manager of Sticks Gallery in Des Moines, echoed the message. He said some of his inventory has already been affected by those supply chain issues.

"There have been situations with mechanisms like the lazy Susan," Frye said. "We couldn't get the mechanism. The things that we purchase on a regular basis to create our products stuff like polyurethane, raw wood… those have been hard to get."

Frye also noted some items the store was planning to make for customers had to be put on hold, so shoppers had to purchase other items.

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AllSpice Culinarium is experiencing similar issues.

"We're finding the ingredients are getting harder to get," owner Rory Brown said.

He noted this means some blends might be a bit different than they used to be. But he said by listening to the Shop Sooner message, people might be able to find the gift they want—and even if they don't find it, they'll still have time to pivot and make other choices.

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