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What you should know about Iowa's federal unemployment benefits ending this week

This is the final week for Iowans on unemployment to receive their $300 federal benefits.

DES MOINES, Iowa — This week is the last week for thousands of Iowans to receive their pandemic-related unemployment benefits from the federal government.

Last month, Gov. Kim Reynolds cited a strong labor market and a recovering economy when she announced the $300 benefits will be ending the week of June 12.

Governors are allowed to opt out of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program. 

The CARES Act says states can refuse the federal money but must give a 30-day notice. More than two dozen other states have done the same thing.

It is important to note Iowa will continue to provide regular state unemployment insurance benefits to those who are eligible. However, the state will also no longer waive employer charges for COVID-related unemployment insurance claims starting June 13.

Here's who is impacted by the discontinuation of the FPUC program: 

  • Iowans who didn't earn enough money at their prior jobs to qualify for this standard unemployment
  • Iowans who don't have access to child care
  • Iowans who have underlying medical conditions, making them vulnerable to COVID-19

Reynolds' reasoning for discontinuing the program is to get Iowans back to work.

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“Regular unemployment benefits will remain available, as they did before the pandemic, but it’s time for everyone who can to get back to work,” Reynolds said last month. “This country needs to look to the future, and Iowa intends to lead the way.”

Time will tell if the thousands of Iowans cut off from the federal benefits will begin to start filling those open jobs throughout the state. 

Those searching for jobs can find more resources from the Iowa Workforce Development by clicking/tapping this link.

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