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Cities offering rebates to homeowners who install rain barrels

As little as a quarter-inch of rain can fill three rain barrels, which would equal 150 gallons of water.

WAUKEE, Iowa — Rain barrels offer a simple way to conserve water. 

You install them under a rain gutter and they capture water falling off the roof. They also come in different sizes to suit your water-capturing needs.

The water collected can be used in gardens, and in some cases, even entire yards.

"As little as a quarter-inch of rain, even in the middle of the night that you wouldn't know that happened can fill 3 barrels, which would equal 150 gallons," Home Solutions Iowa General Manager Richard Anderson said. 

Rain barrels are in high demand right now. 

Home Solutions Iowa has sold 41% more barrels in the first six months of 2021 than they did for the entire year in 2020.

Many cities offer rebates for people who install rain barrels at their homes. 

Find a list of cities with rain barrel incentive programs here. 

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