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Prosecutors ask for higher bond for suspects in Fairfield teacher's killing

Defense attorneys have requested the $1 million cash-only bonds be reviewed for the two 16-year-olds accused of murdering Nohema Graber.

FAIRFIELD, Iowa — EDITOR'S NOTE: The above video is from Nov. 13. The videos for Tuesday's hearings can be viewed below.

The two teenagers accused of murdering a Fairfield school teacher appeared in court Tuesday after their attorneys asked for their $1 million cash-only bonds to be reviewed.

Willard Miller and Jeremy Goodale, both 16 years old, face charges of Murder in the First Degree and Conspiracy to Commit a Forcible Felony for allegedly killing Nohema Graber, a Spanish teacher at Fairfield High School.

Local 5 is naming both suspects due to them being charged as adults and the severity of the charges.

Court documents say Graber was reported missing on Wednesday, Nov. 3 by family members. Multiple law enforcement agencies started searching through Chautauqua City Park, where Graber was known to take afternoon walks.

Law enforcement found Graber's body later that day "concealed under a tarp, wheelbarrow and railroad ties," according to a criminal complaint. 

Authorities determined Graber had "suffered inflicted trauma to the head."

Prosecutors on Tuesday asked bond to be maintained at $1 million or even raised to $2 million.

Goodale's lawyer Nicole Jensen says the $1 million bond is so excessive it amounts to pretrial detention without bond. Assistant Iowa Attorney General Scott Brown says the brutal nature of the crime justifies it. 

"The investigation, in this case, has revealed that the defendant, along with the co-defendant, has engaged in [an] extremely brutal murder of an innocent person," Brown said.

Christine Branstad, Miller's defense attorney, said his family could provide monitoring for in-home arrest as well as GPS and video monitoring to ensure he appears for pretrial court hearings.

Judge Joel Yates says he will file his decision next week.  

Law enforcement conducted an interview with an "associate" of Miller and Goodale, according to a criminal complaint. This person gave investigators social media exchanges from Goodale that showed "specific details of the disappearance", as well as Miller's alleged involvement. 

The complaint against Miller says those messages contained details like motive, plans and execution for killing Graber. There were also details about "deliberate attempts to conceal the crime." 

WATCH: Bond review hearing for Jeremy Goodale (1:30 p.m.)

WATCH: Bond review hearing for Willard Miller (3 p.m.)

A criminal complaint filed against Goodale follows the same narrative.

These details made it possible for investigators to obtain a search warrant for Goodale and Miller. During the search, investigators collected some clothing items "which appeared to have a substance consistent in appearance with that of blood." 

Court documents also mention another interview conducted by law enforcement. This individual reported meeting with Goodale in Chautauqua Park the day before Graber was reported missing, and seeing Miller in the park on this occasion. 

Law enforcement also spoke with Miller, who admitted to being in the park as the murder happened. The criminal complaint says Miller provided "materials utilized in committed the murder" and aided "in actions taken to conceal the murder."

Both suspects have an arraignment scheduled for Nov. 29.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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