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How DMPS plans to make up hours deemed non compliant with state

Des Moines Public Schools will implement the following steps to provide students with obligated instructional time.

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Education has determined the Des Moines Public School District was non-compliant when virtual learning was the only option for students in September and October.

On Thursday, DMPS announced the steps they are taking to make up the instructional time.

In the original 2020-21 DMPS school calendar, classes were not going to be held on March 1st, March 2nd, April 23rd, and June 3rd. Instead they would be set aside for conferences and professional development.

Classes will now be held on those four dates for all grade levels. June 3rd will be the last day of classes for the school year.

DMPS elementary and middle schools will see the following changes:

  • “Lunch Lessons” – schools will provide access to learning during the lunch period in areas such as literacy, math and social emotional learning in order to increase instructional time in areas aligned with the School Board goals.
  • Additional Instructional Time – adjustments will be made to the morning schedule at schools that will provide 15-30 minutes of additional instruction time each school day.

These changes do not change the current school hours.

DMPS high schools will see the following changes:

  • Extended Learning Sessions – sessions will be offered to students every Monday-Thursday from 3:45 to 5:45 PM. The sessions will be staffed by certified teachers and offer students additional academic instruction and support in the areas of literacy, math, science and social studies.
  • Students participating in extra-curricular activities will be afforded the same opportunity to engage in the extended learning sessions after school. The choice to participate in these valuable learning sessions will be supported by activities staff without penalty. Students will be required to communicate directly with coaches and/or sponsors concerning their schedule.

The high school extended learning sessions will begin on Monday, Feb. 8 and all other changes will be effective Monday, Feb. 15.

DMPS officials said the changes will have minimal impact on families while meeting the obligation to provide students with required instructional time.