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Urbandale principal officially resigns from Olmsted Elementary School

Elyse Brimeyer, who was put on administrative leave in January, will be paid more than $170,000 as part of a settlement with the Urbandale Community School District.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Lisa Ryan lives in the Urbandale community and says when her children and grandchildren moved to town, she was excited about the educators that would be teaching her grandkids 

"When my daughter and son-in-law moved to Urbandale and had kids, I was thrilled to learn that those kids, my grandkids would go to the school at which Elyse was principal."

Tuesday morning, Ryan and other community members woke up to a message from the school district updating parents on the status of Olmsted Elementary School Principal Elyse Brimeyer. 

The district's decision:

"...the Urbandale Community School District's Board of Directors formally approved a settlement agreement with Elyse Brimeyer. This agreement represents a mutually agreed upon outcome that allows both parties to move forward.

The Board has spent many hours listening to the community and doing its due diligence on this issue. It's clear to the Board that the Urbandale community cares deeply about its schools. While the outcome may not be what parts of the community had hoped for, both the district and Mrs. Brimeyer have agreed to this resolution. 

We thank Mrs. Brimeyer for her service to the district, and wish her well on her future endeavors."

Ryan sees the settlement as a disappointing result for Urbandale.

"You know, it's so unfortunate that the Urbandale district's loss is going to be some other district's monumental gain," she told Local 5.

Brimeyer provided a statement for the community expressing what an honor it had been to serve as Olmstead's principal. Ryan is saddened to hear the news, but believes the people who will be most impacted are the students.

Click here to read the full settlement agreement

"The board's lack of support for at least reinstatement was disappointing. I'm disappointed not only on behalf of my grandkids but on behalf of all the kids."

It is not just the end result that frustrates Ryan, but also the process the district took leading to the decision. 

"I certainly join a lot of people in wishing that there had been more transparency involved with the situation," she said.

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