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Community calls for action following racist presentation shown at Waukee school

A presentation made by students at Timberline School sparked community reaction, and a push for action from family and community members in Waukee.

WAUKEE, Iowa — After images of a racist presentation by students at Timberline School in Waukee began circulating online, parents and community members are taking their frustration and concern to the Waukee School Board

Zuli Garcia told Local 5 News she planned to attend the meeting and was finding others to show support as well. 

"People are always saying how Iowa is nice," said Garcia. "And this is a clear example of we are far from being nice. We're very naive to think that we've surpassed so many things."

Garcia is the founder of Knock and Drop Iowa, a nonprofit that is the first Latino food pantry in the metro, serving upwards of 250 families a week. Garcia says she was a baby when she first arrived in the U.S. from El Salvador.

"I was a year old when I crossed the border. Thankfully, today, I'm a US citizen, and I make a ton of changes for my community, and I fight for my community."

Garcia's fight included heading to Monday night's Waukee School Board meeting to show support for those speaking against the presentation and speak up for community change. 

"Just saying, we're not going to tolerate this ... No, we need to talk about this," said Garcia. "Have everyone come together and talk about their experiences and what they've gone through and how they felt at that moment. So other children, you know, can see how this was hurtful because I think this is a learning experience. If we don't help them, we don't guide them, then obviously, we're going to have bigger problems when they get older."

Local 5 News reached out to the district for an update on the investigation and were told their policy is to not discuss student disciplinary with those not involved in the matter. 

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