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Business brings vaccine clinic directly to employees with help from Medicap

Many employers are trying to bring normalcy back to the workplace. One of those businesses is the Wittern Group in Clive.

CLIVE, Iowa — Different businesses around the metro can now provide employees with a private vaccine clinic through Medicap Pharmacy.

Employees at the Wittern Group in Clive were vaccinated on April 2 with Moderna.

“It keeps me from going out and getting in long lines trying to get a shot, you know," said Wittern Group employee Carneil Singleton.

A total of 106 out of the business's 308 employees were vaccinated right in their office.

“I chose to get vaccinated to end the pandemic and get back to a sense of normalcy," said Alexandra Fellon, another employee.

Julie Allemagne, a human resources representative for the company, said she did have side effects after her shot.

"I was tired. Little bit achy and little bit of brain fog, fever. Not a big deal at all," she said.

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Meanwhile, Ted O'Brien chose not to get the vaccine.

“There’s more people that are needing the vaccine than I do. I’m very healthy. Never sick," said O'Brien. "I would rather have other people get the vaccine than myself.”

Those that did get the vaccine said it makes them feel more comfortable to go to work.

“We have to all do our part and we want to make sure that we get back to normal as soon as possible," said Allemagne. "This is the best way to do that.”

If businesses want to have this service they should reach out to Medicap Pharmacy.

Getting the vaccine is free.

"The vaccine is provided free of charge by the government," said Gina Hale, a spokesperson for Medicap. "We do bill an administration fee to the employee’s insurance. If they are uninsured, we can also bill Medicare for this fee. If the employer is self-insured, they may choose to have us bill them directly if it is cheaper than running it thru insurance. But, we never charge a patient/employee and we only bill the employer if they are self-insured and choose to handle the billing that way."

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