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Simply having a teaching license doesn't guarantee you a vaccine in Phase 1B

Teachers will need to bring proof of current employment to get vaccinated in Polk County.

Starting Monday, Feb. 1, teachers and daycare workers can sign to get the coronavirus vaccine

If you have a valid teacher's license but you are not currently teaching, however, you are not part of the state's Phase 1B vaccine plan.

“We are only allowing individuals that are currently teaching or working in a school system, as of this school year, to get the vaccine," Nola Aigner Davis with the Polk County health Department explained.

“We need proof that they are currently employed by a school district. Like a paystub."

When you do start to make your appointment, there will only be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday's open. The Polk County Health Department has reserved Tuesdays and Thursdays for those getting the second dose.

Gov. Kim Reynolds said Wednesday a vaccine dashboard on the state's coronavirus website is coming this week. Iowans will be able to see the progress the state is making every day once the dashboard is launched. 

The dashboard will include the amount of first and second doses administered, doses by manufacturer and day, plus demographic information such as county, gender, age, race and ethnicity.

It will also include an interactive map to show providers by county.

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