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Staffing issues at Glenwood Resource Center, prompting 7 residents to be moved

The Iowa Department of Human Services says it has had a hard time getting people to work at the Glenwood facility.

GLENWOOD, Iowa — A unit at one of Iowa's state-run facilities caring for some of the most vulnerable Iowans has closed.

Glenwood Resource Center is the home for dozens of people with severe physical and mental disabilities.

In the past few years, it's also been the center of controversy after a U.S. Department of Justice investigation found the site was performing sexual arousal experiments on residents.

The Iowa Department of Human Services confirmed to Local 5 it has transitioned seven residents out of a Glenwood unit and into another state-run facility in order to alleviate staffing issues.

DHS says it has had a hard time getting people to work at Glenwood, citing a general shortage of health care professionals, low unemployment and a competitive job market.

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Candidates for jobs have also backed out because of the DOJ investigation, DHS added.

The staffing issue, according to DHS, is a bigger issue at Glenwood than other state-fun facilities.

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