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Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa looking for new donors

The milk bank at the University of Iowa is in need of donors since two out of the three milk freezers they use to store raw unlogged milk, are empty.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — As the shortage of baby formula continues, some parents might turn to milk banks to get breast milk. 

But Heidi Baudhin, the milk donor coordinator for Mother's Milk Bank located at the University of Iowa, said right now they are not able to fill that gap because they are in need of more donors.

Over the last few months, their donations have declined because of fewer people sending their milk. But they still have a demand that needs met.

"In 2021, 80 percent of our donor milk went to hospitals, so primarily NICUs. And then the other 20 percent in 2021 actually went to outpatient families," Baudhin said. 

She noted the percentage going to outpatient families has increased 6% from the previous year, but they are seeing a minor problem.

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"We have three big freezers here at the milk bank that are dedicated to raw donor milk and right now two of those big freezers are empty," Baudhin told Local 5. 

To solve that problem, staff at the milk center said they are looking for donors to replace old ones. 

Baudhin did not say how many donors they need to help fill the empty freezer, but they are hoping for as many donors as possible.

If you are interested in donating milk or giving to the milk bank, their contact information is here.

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