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Iowa woman suing Adventureland

NEWTON – One of the state's largest attractions is getting sued by a former employee.

A Newton woman has filed a lawsuit against Adventureland claiming she was discriminated against and harassed because of her disability. Alisha Munoz has Addison’s disease and Lupus.

In one instance Munoz claims she blacked out because of her condition and got injured. She requested an ambulance. Munoz said, “I had asked my manager to call an ambulance on 5 different occasions and the management team said no, you don’t need it, you’re faking it, when clearly there was a big gouge in my head. I did need it.”

Alisha Munoz has a long list of other examples of alleged harassment from name calling, to humiliation and being made fun of. Her attorney says it’s a big task to go up against Adventureland but they want justice.

Local 5 reached out to Adventureland for comment, they did not want to make one.

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