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Knoxville man reportedly threatens to shoot police

KNOXVILLE – Corie James Briggs is charged with threats of terrorism among four other charges after reportedly threatening to shoot two Knoxville...
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KNOXVILLE – Corie James Briggs is charged with threats of terrorism among four other charges after reportedly threatening to shoot two Knoxville police officers “like that man did in Des Moines.” 
The police chief Dan Losada said an officer made a routine traffic stop when the license plate number to Briggs’ car didn’t match up to the vehicle. The policeman called another officer to assist. After interviewing Briggs they discovered he had a “barred license” and the officers told him he was under arrest. That’s when the chief says Briggs punched one of them in the face twice. 
They were able to cuff him and take him to jail. While in jail, the chief says Briggs said, “When he gets out he’s going to shoot the officers like the man did in Des Moines.”  

Briggs’ sister Amie Boylan “can’t believe it.” In an emotional interview with Local 5 she explained how her brother was very emotional when Officer Justin Martin and Sgt. Tony Beminio were killed in the line of duty. She showed us Facebook pictures and two posts of how he took the officers flowers and donuts to show his appreciation. 

According to Briggs’ sister, he has been in two major accidents causing brain injuries. 
“I don’t know about the first one but I know the car wreck defintely put a lot of stress on him and changed him a little bit,” said Briggs’ nephew Jordan VanderSchel. 
Boylan does not think her brother actually threatened to shoot the officers but if he did she “doesn’t think he’d actually go through with it” but “it’s still wrong.” 

There’s been an increase in officer attacks. The chief says assaults are unfortunately common but “threats, especially these days, are not taken lightly. You are guaranteed to go to jail.” He said all police officers are informed of anyone who may be a threat to law enforcement and the rest of the community. 

“We post mug shots of the individual in our squad rooms for officers to know who we’re dealing with, with warnings about him. We also notify area law enforcement agencies so that they know that this [person] is out and about and if they deal with him that they should use due caution,” said Chief Losada. 
The officer who was punched in the face was taken to the hospital and released with no major injuries. 
The other charges against Briggs include assault on a peace Officer, interference with official Acts, criminal Mischief, driving While Barred. His family said he’ll remain in jail at least until his court date on December 6th.