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Abortion-rights activists look toward November elections after SCOTUS ruling

According to Pew Research, 52% of Iowa adults want abortions legal in all or most cases.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Suzan Mrzena is 70 years old. She's been a women's rights activist for most of her life.

"I began putting fliers on car windshields 50 years ago, asking for us to have health care rights that included abortion," Mrzena said.

On June 24th, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that there is no constitutional right to an abortion in the United States. For someone who's been in activism for as long as she has, Mrzena said the news was devastating.

"To have that right yanked away from us is just so wrong. It's a health care choice. It's just that simple," she said.

The news brought Mrzena and dozens of other community members out to Des Moines City Hall on June 26th, where they called for action to protect abortion rights in Iowa. 

Speakers at the We Won't Go Back rally, which was organized by My Body, My Voice, My Vote, called on Iowans to bring their frustrations to the ballot box by voting for elected officials who would protect the right to an abortion.

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According to Pew Research, 52% of Iowa adults believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases; 46% say the opposite. 

Activists said they are getting ready for the long haul with the upcoming November elections being a major focus.

"Protest again, rally again, we know the only way we're going to change this is by talking about it, and getting people to vote," Mrzena said.


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