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Adel vet clinic innovating new ways of business amid COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout this pandemic, more and more businesses have been forced to limit services, or shut their doors entirely. But one place in Adel is doing the opposite.

ADEL, Iowa — Our pets are part of the family - and through this period of social distancing, we need them now more than ever.  The Adel Veterinary Clinic is changing their business strategy to adapt to the times so that they can help your furry friends stay safe.

Instead of shutting their doors, they've actually expanded their operations to seven days a week.  They've also moved almost all contact with humans to online, and go by a numbers system once they actually arrive with the pets.

"We're doing curbside," Adel Veterinary Clinic's Dani Thevenot said.  "All of our parking spaces are marked with a number.  When the clients get here, they call us, let us know they're here, let us know what is going on and then we're coming out and grabbing the pet."

The expansion of hours is done in an effort to take a load off of emergency clinics whose hours and staff may have been minimized due to coronavirus.

The clinic will continue operating throughout the pandemic, and may even keep it this way after this has blown over.

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