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Alternatives to name brand cleaning products you can't find in stores

The struggle continues for finding cleaning products pretty much anywhere.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Local 5 viewers have told us they can't find Lysol or Clorox products in stores. 

So, we looked at other alternatives you can use to disinfect and kill the coronavirus on surfaces.

MercyOne infectious disease specialist Jeff Brock explained that you need to look on the labels of off brands. There are certain chemicals to look for before you buy.

"Ethanol, which is a alcohol based product," said Brock. "Quaternary ammonium is another disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide. Others might contain sodium hypochlorite, which is an active ingredient in what we call bleach.”

If you're not lucky enough to find the name and off brands in stores you can make your own.

"You'll need 4 tsp. of bleach per quart of warm water," explained Brock.

“It’s actually a lot cheaper to make your own bleach solution than go out and buy Clorox wipes and the name brand wipes because it can be expensive.”

However, never mix bleach with other household cleaning products. This could cause deadly toxins in your home.

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