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11 ATMs found behind apartment complex in Des Moines

Des Moines resident Kaleb Marker found the ATMs in a wooded area behind his apartment complex.

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Kaleb Marker says he explores the wooded part of his apartment complex from time to time. 

"I poked my head back there before a lot. . . and I just saw a bunch of trash back there," he said. 

But on one of Marker's recent walks in the woods, he found something very unusual.

"I saw those ATMs," Marker said. "I thought it was a little weird, so I'd call it in." 

At first, Kaleb said he saw two discarded ATMs, but when he came back after the snow melted...

"Seven were a little further down in the ditch over there," he said. "They were just ripped apart and the boxes were strung."

It doesn't end there: after finding 9 ATMs the day before, Marker returned and spotted two more, making it a total of 11 ATMs dropped off in the wooded areas near his apartment. 

It is currently unclear why the ATMS were abandoned. Local 5 reached out to Des Moines police for information, but they have yet to respond.

While Marker said he enjoys the mystery in some ways, he also hopes whoever is responsible for dumping the ATMs doesn't go for Round 12. 

"It just freaks me out," Marker said. "I don't want my kids to be around a neighborhood like this." 

Marker also noted he hopes his apartment complex takes some preventative action. 

"They definitely should clear out the woods a little bit right there, so people have a better visibility... and stuff like that wouldn't happen," he said. 

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