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Bike shops thriving amidst pandemic

While many businesses have suffered a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, bike sales are actually through the roof.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Five-year-old Art Abendroth has outgrown his balance bike and is ready for one with pedals, so he and his family headed out to Ichi Bike to get him one.

The first one he tried was too pink.  The second too big.  Unfortunately for Art and his family, there aren't a whole lot of other options to choose from.

Ichi Bike's owner Daniel Koenig says the selection is getting smaller because the COVID-19 pandemic has actually been a little too good for business.

"Bikes are flying out of the shop, but I can't get new ones back in stock," Koenig said.  "It's putting, like, an urgency - everybody is like 'holy smokes!'"

This isn't a trend at just Ichi Bike, or even the state of Iowa.  ABC News reports bikes are selling out worldwide; because when you and your family is cooped up, biking is a safe activity that gets them out of the house.

"People who were not bicyclists are now bicyclists," Koenig said.  "So that group has just grown exponentially."

Koenig says the steady sales has come as a surprise to him, especially since both RAGBRAI and Iowa's Ride aren't happening this year.

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For Art, though, the search continues.  For now, he'll just coast a bit until he finds a perfect fit.

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