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Central Iowa Mom Gets Moldy Baby Wipes

Moldy baby wipes is the last thing you want to happen when you're taking care of your young ones.
Central Iowa Mom Gets Moldy Baby Wipes

(WEST DES MOINES) – Local 5 heard from a Central Iowa mom who fell victim to a faulty product from a well-known company.

Natasha Sayles was using a new package of baby wipes from the Honest Company when she noticed they had mold spots all over them. She contacted the company who said they’d send her new wipes, but for now she’s going to choose another brand.

Sayles said, “I pulled out a wipe and it had mold all over it and I pulled out some more and there was a batch covered in spots of mold.”

The Honest Company recalled wipes in the spring for the mold problem and even discontinued sending out their wipes for a while. They have a tool on their website for anyone who sees mold on their baby wipes.

Local 5 contacted the company to get some answers about why this was happening. Our requests for a phone call or email statement were never responded to.