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Officials say Kim Potter could be charged soon for fatally shooting Daunte Wright

Body camera video showed Potter fatally shoot 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop on April 11. Officials said she meant to fire her Taser.

Demonstrations and unrest erupted in the Twin Cities area after a white police officer shot and killed a young Black man Sunday.

On April 11, Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter fatally shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, a Hennepin County city about 10 miles north of Minneapolis. The city's police chief Tim Gannon claimed the shooting was accidental, saying the officer meant to use her Taser instead of her gun. Both Potter and Gannon resigned from the department Tuesday.

Officials released body camera footage of the shooting Monday. You can read more about the video's contents and watch parts of it here.

Live updates will be posted below. Live updates about curfews and demonstrations Tuesday evening are available here.

  • Officials: Former officer Kim Potter could be charged as soon as Wednesday
  • Brooklyn Center police chief Tim Gannon and officer Kim Potter resign
  • Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott asks Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz to reassign Daunte Wright case to state attorney general
  • Demonstration outside Brooklyn Center Police Department building continued hours into curfew, resulting in around 40 arrest
  • Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey "relieved of duties" after press conference comments
  • Officials: Expect larger-than-usual law enforcement presence in metro area
  • Wright family creates GoFundme for burial expenses, care of son
  • Law enforcement officials call shooting "accidental"

Tuesday, April 13

8:15 p.m.

Earlier Tuesday, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott called for Gov. Tim Walz to reassign the case involving Daunte Wright's death to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

In response, Ellison's office released a statement saying, "Attorney General Keith Ellison has all the confidence in the Washington County Attorney Orput’s Review with this case."

3:45 p.m.

The Washington County Attorney's Office said charges against former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter could be coming soon. 

The Attorney's Office told KARE 11 that after extensive meetings with the BCA, they believe they have enough information to charge Potter after she shot and killed Daunte Wright. 

Charges could be announced as soon as Wednesday, the office said. 

Potter tendered her resignation earlier Tuesday, as did the Brooklyn Center police chief. In a noon press conference, Wright's family members acknowledged Potter's resignation but called for her to be prosecuted.

12:30 p.m.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott on Tuesday announced the resignation of police chief Tim Gannon and officer Kim Potter, two days after Potter shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop.  

The mayor said he hopes the resignations will help bring calm to the community, and that the city will continue to work toward transparency and accountability.

"The officer stepping down has the effect, I think, speaking to one of the things the community, that folks who've been out here protesting, have been calling for," Elliott said. 

The mayor said he's ultimately in charge of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, while the acting city manager holds day-to-day responsibilities. He also promoted two officers to senior leadership positions. 

Elliott and other city officials were not able to confirm whether Potter could transfer to another department, or keep her pension.

Elliott said the city did not ask Potter to resign, and that it was a decision she made herself. The mayor said he hasn't officially accepted Potter's resignation, and that the city is completing its internal process "to make sure we're being accountable to the step that we need to take."

Elliott would not comment on whether Gannon gave a reasoning behind his resignation. 

"That is not something I can share at this moment," he said.

The mayor said he's asking Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz to move the Daunte Wright case under the jurisdiction of the state attorney general. 

Elliott also acknowledged concerns about police response to protesters following Wright's death, and the make-up of the department. 

Elliott said the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, crowd-control kettling tactics (or police lines) and violent tactics such as chokeholds are all banned in responding to demonstrations. 

The mayor also said he doesn't believe any of the city's officers currently live in Brooklyn Center. 

"We do feel very strongly that we need officers to be from the community," Elliott said. 

He said he believes having more officers who live in the community they serve will help inform the police department's culture, infuse knowledge of the community into policing and enhance law enforcement's overall work.

12 p.m.

Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter, the officer who shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright, resigned from her position Tuesday, effective immediately.

In a letter to Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott, Acting City Manager Reggie Edwards and Police Chief Tim Gannon, Potter wrote, "I am tendering my resignation from the Brooklyn Center Police Department immediately. I have loved every minute of being a police officer and serving this community to the best of my ability, but I believe it is in the best interest of the community, the department and my fellow officers if I resign immediately."

Credit: Law Enforcement Labor Services
Kim Potter's resignation letter, sent two days after she shot and killed Daunte Wright.

Law Enforcement Labor Services (LELS), Minnesota’s largest public safety labor union, confirmed Potter's resignation Tuesday. LELS represents over 6,400 members throughout the state, including the rank and file officers of the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

2 a.m.

Officials with Operation Safety Net, the task force initially created to plan for safety and security measures around the Derek Chauvin trial, held a press conference early Tuesday morning to update the media and the public on their Monday activities.

Colonel Matt Langer with the Minnesota State Patrol spoke about the protest held at the Brooklyn Center Police Department. He said that around 40 arrests were made, some citations were issued and some people were booked into jail for things ranging from curfew violations to rioting. He said more accurate numbers on arrests and charges will be available on Tuesday morning.

Langer also said that a few officers received minor injuries after being hit with debris thrown by protestors, and that he was unaware of any protestors being injured.

There was some looting reported in the Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis areas, but Langer called it “limited and sporadic in nature.”

Amelia Huffman, Deputy Chief of Professional Standards with the Minneapolis Police Department also spoke at the press conference, and reported that there had been five reports of burglaries at businesses in Minneapolis. 

  • A liquor store, 2200 W Broadway
  • The Target Express, 1300 W Lake
  • A tobacco Store, 46th and Nicolette
  • Auto Zone, 26th and Central
  • A shoe store, 43rd and Nicolette

Huffman also reported several arrests in Minneapolis overnight, including four burglary arrests, two arrests after Minneapolis officers heard shots fired, pursued suspects and recovered a firearm, six arrests for curfew violations, and one arrest for an outstanding warrant. 

Sheriff David Hutchinson with Hennepin County answered questions from reporters after the press conference. When asked about the damage to the Dollar Tree in Brooklyn Center, he said the extent was unknown, but believed to be "significant." 

It is unknown as of Monday morning if a curfew will be in place on Tuesday night.

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Monday, April 12

11 p.m.
A demonstration outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department is winding down hours after a crowd of hundreds gathered to protest the shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright by white Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter. 

Video of the area showed a line of law enforcement and vehicles, and crews in the area reported that the situation is calmer than it was several hours earlier. 

A curfew is still in effect until 6 a.m. Tuesday for Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka and Dakota Counties.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott, who earlier spoke to demonstrators, wrote on Twitter that the city is "calm."

"Earlier this evening I had the opportunity to go talk to these peaceful protesters," he wrote. "I assured them we are working collaboratively with all involved agencies & will get to the bottom of this. Our city is calm now, thank you all who came out to peacefully protest then went home."

6 p.m.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said on Twitter that City Manager Curt Boganey has been "relieved of his duties." The decision is effective immediately.

Elliott did not reveal the exact reason for Boganey's dismissal, but the decision follows a Monday press conference where Boganey spoke on whether the officer who shot and killed Wright will be fired. He said the officer will receive due process.

A reporter then asked Boganey if he believes an officer whose mistake cost a resident's life should be fired, and asked what message the city of Brooklyn Center is sending to the rest of the world about the value of Black life.

"I understand and appreciate the comment that you made and why you said it, but if I were to answer that question I would be contradicting what I said a moment ago, which is to say that all employees are entitled to due process, and after that due process discipline will be determined," Boganey answered. "If I were to say anything else I would actually be contradicting the idea of due process."  

Some activists called Monday for the firing of Boganey and Brooklyn Center's police chief along with the officer. 

Elliott said Brooklyn Center's deputy city manager will take over Boganey's duties. 

Earlier, Elliott announced that he is now the commanding authority over the Brooklyn Center Police Department after a 3-2 City Council vote.

Also early Monday evening, Hennepin County’s medical examiner released its report on Wright's death. The medical examiner said Wright died Sunday at 2:18 p.m. of a gunshot wound to the chest. The office declared his manner of death a homicide, but clarified that it’s not a legal determination of culpability or intent. 

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2 p.m. 

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon released body camera footage of the fatal shooting. Gannon said he believes the officer who shot Wright meant to fire a Taser, not her handgun. In the footage, she can be heard repeating the word "taser" before firing the gun.

Gannon also confirmed that the officer is on administrative leave. 

The Brooklyn Center Police Department sent out a press release about the shooting. You can read full details here, along with other information about Sunday's events. 

In summary, officials said police were trying to take Wright into custody for an outstanding warrant. During the stop, Wright got back into his car, and one of the officers fired their gun and struck the victim, according to law enforcement. 

Gannon said officers conducted a traffic stop before 2 p.m. Sunday due to expired tags. He said police also "noted" an air freshener hanging from the car's rearview mirror. During the stop, officers got Wright's ID and discovered an outstanding warrant. They then tried to take him into custody. At some point Wright got back into his car, and one of the officers fired her gun and struck him.

According to a press release from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, the car then traveled "several blocks" before colliding with another vehicle. 

A group of community leaders held a press conference immediately after the police briefing, calling for Gannon and the officer who shot Wright to be fired.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump announced that he'll be representing Wright's family. 

"Daunte Wright is yet another young Black man killed at the hands of those who have sworn to protect and serve all of us - not just the whitest among us," said Crump, who has also represented the families of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. 

Wright's family members said he had a young son. He is also survived by his girlfriend, who family members said is the woman who was in the car with him. She is in the hospital with injuries related to the crash. 

You can read the full account of Wright's mother, Katie, in this Twitter thread by KARE 11's Chris Hrapsky. She was on the phone with her son during the stop. 

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