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Des Moines businesses ease into reopening

While many more local businesses were allowed to reopen today, not all of them are opening their doors quite yet.

DES MOINES, Iowa — The governor's latest proclamation took effect Friday, reopening salons, barbershops, and restaurants among other businesses across Iowa. 

As Local 5's Matt McCullock cruised around downtown Des Moines for a bit Friday, he noticed that not every business has decided to open right away. 

There were still some closed signs on barber shop doors.

One restaurant on Court Avenue said they'll open up on Monday.

However, over at Fuzzy's Taco Shop, there were some people eating on the patio there.

Local 5 spoke with the manager, who said they're going to ease into the reopening process, instead of diving head first in to it.

"We want to encourage business and encourage patronage but we also want to ensure the safety of our patrons and our employees first and foremost," Fuzzy's Des Moines location general manager Diandre Neville said. 

"Steps to make sure that we're being the safest and sanitary by all measures and cost. And make sure that we're encapsulating everyone into that safety blanket as well. With distance and safety measurements and sanitation," Neville said. 

Credit: Fuzzy's Taco Shop

The taco shop is a popular place for people to sit and eat out on the patio.

Although Fuzzy's hasn't officially stated they're allowing patrons to eat at the restaurant, Neville said people have sort of helped themselves.

"People are inviting themselves to our patio area which we didn't officially say was open, but it's a really nice day, the weather is warm, so people are just wanting to get out. It just so happens to be that the restrictions are loosened from the government," Neville said. 

Neville also said with their own sanitation methods in place of employees wearing masks and wiping down the place, they'll allow people to dine outside and eventually open up the inside when they feel it's okay.

But there is still some trepidation.

"Personally I think it's a little premature considering yesterday coronavirus was in full effect and today it's magically not. But I want people to do what they're comfortable with. but personally I will take my own precautions and measurements, even with having people in our dining area," Neville said. 

Right now, there are more people out and about.

Neville said they'll continue to monitor the virus spread and numbers to indicate when they can start opening more and more.

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