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Documents detail moments before Sabrina Ray’s death

DALLAS COUNTY- During Sabrina Ray’s final moments, the 16-year-old’s cousin and grandmother attempted revival measures while her parents were on vac...
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DALLAS COUNTY- During Sabrina Ray’s final moments, the 16-year-old’s cousin and grandmother attempted revival measures while her parents were on vacation, according to court documents obtained by Local 5. 

An application for search warrant filed in June provides more details in the Perry teen abuse case that has led to the arrest of five of Sabrina’s family members. According to court documents, Sabrina’s cousin Josie Bousman was in charge of Sabrina and two minor children the night of May 12. Bousman noticed Sabrina was not breathing and tried to give her water before calling Sabrina’s grandmother, Carla Bousman, to the home on 1st Avenue. Once Carla arrived, she attempted to revive Sabrina, with Misty Ray being called approximately 10 minutes before a call to 911 was placed. First responders arrived at the house to find Sabrina “cold to the touch” and deceased.

At the time, Marc and Misty Ray, Sabrina’s adoptive parents, were in Nashville, Tennessee with their son Justin Ray and three others. According to the search warrant application, Marc Ray informed Perry police that upon learning of Sabrina’s death, Misty “discarded the cell phones of Justin Ray, Marc Ray, her 10-year-old son and her own”. 

The Iowa State Medical Examiner announced Sabrina died due to severe malnutrition, with Sabrina weighing only 56 pounds at autopsy. 

Misty and Marc Ray ran a state registered in-home daycare, with approximately 12 children being cared for during daytime hours. The application notes that the Rays were foster parents to “numerous children” between 2006 and 2014, and communicated via Facebook with parents of the daycare children. Several computers or electronic devices, including an external hard drive, were seized as part of the search. 

In addition to a search warrant application for the Perry home, investigators requested and were granted a search warrant for Justin Ray’s Facebook account. The application says Misty and Marc Ray had multiple Facebook accounts, and that Justin used his account to regularly communicate with his mother, Misty. Information such as messages, photos and personal posts were requested and retrieved as part of the search. 

All five members of the Ray family are still awaiting trial, with “extensive discovery” being cited as a potential delay for the trial to being started in 2017.

Josie Bousman is charged with Kidnapping First Degree and Child Endangerment – Death; Justin Ray is charged with Willful Injury and Child Endangerment after being accused of drop-kicking Sabrina sometime between April 15 and May 1. 

Marc and Misty Ray both face Child Endangerment – Death charges, as well as Neglect or Abandonment of a Dependant Person and multiple counts of Child Endangerment – Serious Injury. Carla Bousman is charged with Kidnapping First Degree, Child Endangerment – Death and Obstructing Prosecution or Defense.