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Man having to learn new technology following release from prison

Some people are facing extra challenges in their job searching during the pandemic.

DES MOINES, Iowa — People have struggled to find a job during the pandemic.

However, for Anthony Dodd, he's faced extra barriers. 

Dodd spent 19 years and 9 months in prison for conspiracy to to deliver cocaine. Once he served his time, the pandemic hit.

Since then, he's finding it challenging to use technology to apply for jobs.

“This new technology came along during my incarceration time, within those 20 years," said Dodd. "I’m kind of like computer illiterate.”

Dodd is 60-years-old and spent the beginning of the pandemic scrolling for jobs on his phone and studying at DMACC.

“As I made Des Moines my home, now I’m trying to find a home for my employment.”

With the support of his family, Dodd is working part time at both Cash Saver and training for UPS.

“You know, right now I’m cool and striving for better. As long as I keep reaching the ceiling is high," explained Dodd. "You just got to keep reaching and be patient and continue to push. That’s it.”

Dodd used the Evelyn K. Davis Center as a resource.

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