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Feds investigate alleged sex study conducted at facility for people with disabilities

A letter from the DOJ to Iowa DHS requested proof of consent from residents at the Glenwood Resource Center to participate in different experiments.

GLENWOOD, Iowa — Editor's Note: The video above is from Dec. 11, 2019. 

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating a possible sexual arousal study and other human experiments allegedly conducted at a state-run facility for people with intellectual disabilities.

In a letter, the DOJ requested the Iowa Department of Human Services send proof of consent from residents at Glenwood Resource Center or their legal guardians to participate in a “Sexual Arousal Study” and “Optimal Hydration Projects”.

Local 5 has obtained a new Department of Justice document that gives more details about alleged human experimentation at the Glenwood facility, just outside Omaha.

The DOJ letter outlined parameters for the sexual arousal study, which it said included triggers and causes of sexual arousal, measuring the state of sexual arousal and suppressing sexual arousal.

Glenwood Resource Center Superintendent Jerry Rea was placed on administrative leave Monday, according to Iowa DHS.

According to the University of Kansas’ website, Rea is an assistant research professor at the University of Kansas. His areas of interest listed on the site include “assessment and treatment of deviant sexual behavior in persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities” and “development of person centered service and culture change of service programs”.

Local 5 will continue to keep you updated as the investigation goes on.