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100% of caucus precinct results in: Buttigieg holds slight lead over Sanders

Buttigieg and Sanders find themselves nearly tied in statewide delegate equivalents.
Pete Buttigieg

Nearly three days after the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, the final results from the Iowa Democratic Party have been released Thursday night.

The results show former mayor Pete Buttigieg winning the most statewide delegate equivalents over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 564 to 562.

Sanders, however, carried was the top choice in both the first and final alignments.

The results have come under heavy scrutiny after an issue with the app for reporting results delayed the bulk of precinct numbers being published until Tuesday afternoon.

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“Enough is enough,” Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez said in a tweet, calling for a recanvass of the entire state.

According to the IDP, a recanvass is defined as “a hand audit of Caucus Math Worksheets and Reporting Forms to ensure that they were tallied and reported in the telephone intake sheets and caucus reporting application correctly.”

If having trouble seeing results on the app, click here.