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Food Bank of Iowa receives major donation to keep helping during COVID-19

The local food bank has seen a huge rise in need lately due to more people being out of work.

With so many people out of a job because of COVID-19 there's an increased need at food pantries, one food bank got quite the surprise. 

With millions of people out of work, thousands of people are now looking for a way to get their next meal. 

"There's not a person among us who doesn't know someone who was laid off, whose career has been impacted who doesn't need just a little help right now," Food Bank of Iowa president Michelle Booke said. 

The Food Bank of Iowa is seeing that firsthand. 

"We're getting orders 5, 10, 20 times the size of what they'd order from us," Michelle said. 

That's a lot to keep up with, but they recently got some help. 

F&G Annuities and Life insurance donated just over $105,000 to the food bank. 

"It was truly an inspirational gift coming from the associates and the corporate giving funds to make a huge difference for the food bank of Iowa," Michelle said. 

Food event in Des Moines, IA by Food Bank of Iowa on Thursday, April 30 2020

Here's the kicker: employees were responsible for donating $80,000 of that. 

"It was just one of those feel good things where in a world of a lot of bad news most nights, it made you proud of the people you work with," F&G Annuities & Life CEO Chris Blunt said. 

That $105,000 will fund 400,000 meals. 

So what's the message in all of this?

"Iowans do stand together and Iowans do step up to help other Iowans and this is just another example of that taking place," Michelle said. 

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