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Friends and family praying for Iowa pastor fighting COVID-19

Support is rolling in around the country for the pastor fighting this coronavirus.

HARDIN COUNTY, Iowa — The number of new cases of COVID-19 cases shot up by more than 100 Tuesday. 

Hardin County has one positive case.

That case being well known Eldora pastor Justin Weber. 

Now he is in the fight of his life while his family is fighting to stay strong.

"He's been on a ventilator and sedated since last Thursday, so I think this is day 12 I believe," his wife Krista Weber said. 

12 long and excruciating days. 

"I wouldn't wish it on anyone else that's for sure," Krista said.  

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The 60-year-old pastor at Honey Creek-New Providence Friends Church and owner of the Pickin Preacher store in Eldora is one of the 1048 Iowans positive with COVID-19.

Krista said once her husband contracted the virus his conditions worsened fast.

"He went to a meeting on March 14 and got sick the following Tuesday," Krista said. 

Justin, an asthmatic, showed no signs of breathing problems, he just didn't feel right. 

Now, he's on a ventilator and sedated, fighting while his family is frantically awaiting any sign of positivity.

"A rollercoaster ride. We get reports two to three times a day and you feel good about something and then he's had days where he's taken steps backwards and then you're upset and it's just hard. You're not there to talk to him or to hold his hand or do any of those things," Krista said. 

Her Facebook page is filled with hundreds of comments from all across the country praying for Justin's recovery.

"All we can do is pray and hope for the best and get him out of the woods, strengthened up and back home," Krista said. 

Here's a positive update from Krista on Facebook Tuesday: 

Krista's message to everyone is to take this virus seriously and if you're not feeling well to stay home and be away from people.

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