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Here's how you can help get face masks to those who need them

With N95 masks in short supply, Jess Mazour got creative.

Protective masks are in high demand as COVID-19 spreads across Iowa.

Jess Mazour felt the urge to step up and help.

"Right away I knew that having a lot of organizing skills I had a role to play in helping combat the coronavirus in any way that I could," Mazour said.

So she began "Masks for the Frontlines Iowa", a Facebook group that now boasts over 2,500 members.

It's a gathering of amateur sewers to larger quilting groups all crowdsourcing for homemade masks.

"What we are seeing the most orders from are homeless shelters, private practice clinics," Mazour said. "A lot of first responders, police departments. We're kind of thinking we can't tailor ourselves to organizations that might not be super high on the priority list for PPE equipment."

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