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Iowa business owner providing PPE to first responders for absolutely free

While most of the PPE was given away Friday, there is still more to come in.

DES MOINES, Iowa — As the coronavirus pandemic still rages in Iowa and across the country, first responders are still in need of personal protective equipment, or PPE.  

Thanks to one Iowa business owner, though, those on the frontlines here in Iowa are about to get some free of charge.

Li Zhao Mandelbaum, president of the China-Iowa Group, is working with Des Moines's sister city in China to supply PPE to first responders in Iowa for free.  A lot of it was given away Friday, but Mandelbaum says more is on the way.

"Our friends and business partners - because of their generosity, I'm able to help them facilitate with the donations too,' Mandelbaum said.  "There are plans to do more in the coming month, and until the pandemic is over."

Local 5 will continue to follow this story, and will keep you updated when more PPE comes in.

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