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Iowa health experts urge precautions amid coronavirus outbreak

The Iowa Department of Public Health shared steps you and your family can take to stay ahead of COVID-19.
Credit: WXIA

DES MOINES, Iowa — With more confirmed cases of COVID-19, the Iowa Department of Public Health is urging people to stay vigilant.

Although there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state, the IDPH posted on Facebook Wednesday easy steps you and your family can take to stay on guard from the deadly illness. 

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The graphic IDPH shared focuses on three different categories: family/household, work/school and home.

In the "family/household" category, leaders recommend communication. They say you should talk to people who need to be in your coronavirus plan. They suggest getting to know your neighbors, and create an emergency contact list. 

Under work/school, IDPH experts recommend planning for alternative childcare arrangements if schools or daycares have to close. Moreover, they suggest having discussions with your employer on sick leave or tele-medicine. 

And in the home category, the IDPH offers various tips. This includes having certain items on hand, including necessary prescriptions and hand sanitizer. 

The IDPH is monitoring the illness on its website. As of Monday, when the latest information was released, there have been no positive cases, and three negatives cases of coronavirus in the state. However, the site reports two results are still pending. 

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