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Kitten dies after being left in box, then box set on fire

One of the nine kittens found in a burning box has now passed away at the ARL.

POLK COUNTY, Iowa — We have a sad update for you Friday on the animal cruelty case involving a box of nine kittens who were put inside a box and set on fire. 

Two of the animals were severely burned and required surgery.

One of them has now died as the search for the person responsible continues. 

The story of Greta and Hans first made headlines last week. 

Two 4-week old kittens set on fire with their brother's and sisters.

Polk County Animal Control officers rescued all the animals and brought them to the ARL for medical care. 

A few days after surgery, the updates looked promising. 

The kittens appeared to be getting better, recovering inside an incubator.

But despite the best efforts of veterinarians and over $12,000 raised through donations, this week, the latest update from the ARL said Geta wasn't able to pull through.

Her brother continues to fight in what will be a long road to recovery.

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It's been a tough couple of weeks at the Animal Rescue League. 

Another case of animal neglect was shared showing two more arrivals, a pair of dogs in horrible condition. 

That duo's story has raised over $5,000 in donations as they are receiving care.

The ARL also wants to track down who's behind these terrible abuse cases. 

If you have information on the case of the kittens that leads to an arrest, they'll put $1,000 in your pocket. 

Contact the Polk County Crime Stoppers on their website or by phone at 515-223-1400 with any tips you have.

They'd also like you to help 'paw it forward' and help care for these animals. 

You can do so in donate section of the ARL website here.

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